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Don’t Let Your Competitors Stay Ahead of You

With 90% of consumers searching online before making a purchase, your position in the search engine rankings can be the difference between hundreds of sales per month.

If your competitors are consistently ranking above you for key search terms, they can be taking the customers that you deserve. Luckily, our SEO experts can help you increase organic traffic through our comprehensive SEO campaigns.

Organic Traffic - Increase
Bounce Rate - Decrease
Average Visit Duration - Increase
Pages Per Session - Increase

Using a professional SEO service is an investment that increases your page rankings each month for key terms, helping deliver qualified leads to your website.

  • No matter where you currently rank for keywords, our SEO solutions can help! As SEO is considered a marathon rather than a sprint, our team will work endlessly to move you up the rankings, then maintain the top spots once you are there.
  • As the SEO algorithms for major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and more are constantly changing, our SEO specialists always stay ahead of the curve by learning the latest trends that keep you above competitors.

A Balanced Approach to Search Engine Optimization

To get the most out of every SEO campaign, our team uses a variety of techniques that work together to increase your search engine positions.
Identifying the best keywords for your website is the foundation for long-term SEO success. Our SEO experts begin every campaign by conducting in-depth keyword research that lets us understand which terms your potential customers are looking for. Each business has unique goals with their SEO, so finding niche keywords can have a massive impact on your ability to draw new clients. By building a customized keyword strategy, we ensure that you will always be focusing on the correct search terms for your target audience.
Once we have discovered the right keywords, it’s time for our SEO team to audit the current state of your website. Beyond simply keywords, this step includes Technical SEO practices related to your on-site parameters such as Titles, Headings, URL Structure, Meta Data and more. Next, we will implement a wide range of SEO best practices across your entire website, including dynamic content rich with keywords. This strategy makes your website more attractive to Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines, ranking you higher in results as they send more traffic your way.
This powerful SEO practice drives organic traffic to your website by linking your website with established websites, blogs, podcasts, videos and other media throughout the web. As we add more links to reputable websites, it proves to search engines that you have a trustworthy website that is full of content that your target audience will find interesting. Because we only build links with genuine, high quality partners, your increased influence on buying decisions means that your website will become an authority in your space. Our innovative linking includes everything from Questions & Answers to Social Media Promotions, all directing more qualified leads to your site.

Full SEO Reporting

Many business owners are hesitant about working with an SEO service because they aren’t sure they will see results. At DMDA Guru, we provide comprehensive reporting for all our SEO work in order to be as transparent as possible. This means you will see exactly how your search engine rankings are improving each week as we work to get you to the top!
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